What is my real money account?

This account holds your real money balances. Your total real money account balance is the sum of your available, restricted and total in play balances. Available: This balance amount represents your real money account balance, and it can be taken to any game you choose. It is the maximum amount that you can cash out and does not include your in play balance. Restricted: A restricted balance means that your account contains an active cash out-restricted bonus for which the wagering requirements have not yet been met. This amount can only be taken to the specified games listed under the restricted balance section You may use all or part of the restricted balance for wagering and playing in permitted games while at the same time satisfying the respective bonus conditions for the funds’ release into your available balance. You cannot cash out this amount. However, you can include your deposit and winnings (apart from the bonus amount) based on the terms and conditions of the bonus offer.